Got low water pressure?

Davey Pumps will put you under pressure!

Get your water pressure back

Do you suffer from low water pressure?

Symptoms include:

  • Unsatisfying showers
  • Long times to fill pots, tubs, etc.
  • Water pressure drop with multiple showers running

If this describes your home, Davey Pumps has the solution to boost your water pressure!

Plus a FREE American Standard Showerhead!*

We include this high-quality and powerful, 1.5 GPM, American Standard showerhead for FREE to take full advantage of your 50 PSI Davey booster pump!

Davey BT 20-30 Pressure Boosting Pump

Max Boost 50 PSI // Nominal Flow 20 GPM

Why Davey

The Davey mains water BT 14-30 Series pressure boosting system comprises of:

  • A robust, compact, centrifugal pump
  • An intelligent Torrium2 water pressure controller to supply pressure boosted water.
  • It provides constant flow and even pressure to domestic households.


Ideal for pumping clean, clear, water in such applications as:

  • Homes where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate
  • From underground or surface water supplies
  • Automatic water transfer
  • Applications where the pump may have an interrupted water supply
  • Light irrigation


  • 360° rotating angle outlet
  • 6ft cord with standard NEMA power plug
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Constant Flow and Even Water Pressure
  • Quick Cut-in for Even Pressure
  • Pressure Indicator Window
  • Dry Run Protection & Auto Restart
  • Corrosion & Scale Resistance
* Product information from Davey Pumps USA. Your free showerhead ships with the pump.

Davey Pumps satisfy your water needs.

Get the full pressure experience your home deserves.